Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To The Dunes

Earlier this month, when I returned home to help my parents load up their entire life into a semi- trailer, I had a major epiphany.

I need to be back in the Siouxland area sooner rather than later.

I'm overwhelmed when I think of the family, the friends, and the complete strangers who came together to help out two families overcome a very disheartening event.

The epiphany I had was simple, really. I need to find a way to move back home. I don't know when or how it will happen, but it's now a goal of mine to figure out a way to make it happen.

And despite my blog title, and my general opinion on my life in the tundra, I don't state this goal of mine as a slam on my current living situation.

It's more a response to how amazing it felt to know there were so many people there who had my back.

Who would do what needed to be done. Who would listen to me bitch and moan when maybe I should have been getting things done. Who understood when I said I had enough, and had to go home.

I miss my peeps, plain and simple. I miss the friends who have been there for me, lost contact for decades, and reappeared. I miss the friends who never left. I miss the people of a place that prides itself on hard work and compassion, without an interest in being recognized for that hard work.

My family is so indebted to the people who came out and gutted their home of everything that wasn't nailed or glued down.

And I am so indebted to the people who helped me, as well. Whether it was lifting furniture, giving me a bed to sleep in and a hug to comfort me, or letting me have a temper tantrum over something random and minute.

And anyone who grew up in Sioux City is indebted to all the people who have ever called it home, and are still proud to call it home. We may not be flashy, but we got your back. See you ASAP, 712.


Clemmy The Clemster

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Randee said...

well this made me cry, thanks dude! very well said for sure